About UD

1. What is UnderDoll.com?

UnderDoll.com is a website that contains themed photographies created by young photographer Luis “Chainz” Artola and the PTY Rock Media and Fashion Models. We are not a modeling agency nor a photography studio. UnderDoll.com is an Online Portfolio for the UnderDoll Models as well as for Chainz’ Photographic Works. All crazy pictures seen in here are creations and ideas from the UnderDoll Models brains working together with Chainz’ brain and camera.

2. Why UnderDoll?

The name UnderDoll comes from: “Under” Underground Rock Media Scene. “Doll” our main photography edition characteristic that converts models into an UnderDoll.

3. How to become an UnderDoll?

You do not have to be a model in order to become an UnderDoll. You do not have to be involved in rock media to become an UnderDoll. UnderDoll models have the ability to make artistic expressions, “Rawr” attitude, extreme cuteness, some may have tattoos along with several piercings, love for fashion, and fresh photographic ideas. If you think that you have all of that and want to become an UnderDoll model then Visit Chainz Photography Website, Contact an UnderDoll model for referral, or visit Chainz Facebook Profile for more details.  Please visit our Contact Us Section for more info!

4. Special Thanks:

UnderDoll models and Chainz Photography give thanks to all the people that have contributed to our sessions as well as places that have been made accessible to us in order to make a photosession. Respective credits are mentioned on each specific session.

5. Disclaimer:

You will not find nudity in this website. All Pictures are property of Chainz Photography and/or the respective photographer which will always be mentioned in the picture credits. Edits, Cut-Outs, and Misuse of images are strictly prohibited otherwise the UnderDoll models along with Chainz, WILL RAISE HELL ON YOU!

UnderDoll.com – Fashion, Art, & Photography.

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