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– The Corvette Session, Special session featuring UnderDoll Keyth.. Special thanks to Georgie, Mariel, and Karcamo.
– UnderDoll Genesis participates in Miss Turismo Panama 2012.
– UnderDolls: Genesis, Olgamaria, Neris, Keyth, Miss Angel, Roxy, Coka along with Chainz assist to Panama City Ink Fest 2012.
– UnderDoll Shirts version 2. Special Thanks to Neon for all the help with the logo vector. Special Thanks to Canvas Designs for the Shirt Prints.
– A new version of the website is created.
– A new Heart Logo and Session Magazine Logo is created.
– New Doll, Kristal joins the Doll Army.
– is dedicated to Lorraine.
– website disabled – In memory of our first Doll, Lorraine (Raine) – We will always love you.
– New Doll, Keyth joins the Doll Army
– New Doll, Miss Angel joins the Doll Army
– New Doll, Amada joins the Doll Army

– New Doll, Mayelis (Miss Globe Panama 2011) joins the Doll Army.
– Arleth Marie (Miss Bikini Panama 2011) Represents our country at Miss Bikini International in Sanya, China.
– UnderDoll Raine (Lorraine) appears in Hey Fren + Movil TV Commercial.
– New Doll, Rosa joins the Doll Army.
– New Doll, Genesis joins the Doll Army.
– Magazine Style Flipping Book Gallery is added to Site Posts.
– A  New Version of Portfolio Website is launched.

– A new version of the website is launched.
– The Crew  team up with Ages Roses for a Pinup Calendar that features UnderDolls: Lorraine, Roxy, Yarelis, Vaiti, and Olgamaria.
– UnderDolls Lisi and Elissa Sponsored by Etnies assisted to the Extreme Drift and Freestyle Event.

–, and LXN team up for thematic Wrestler and Doll Sessions.
– UnderDolls appeared in Rock Video: Los Rabanes – Ella se mueve cruel.
– UnderDoll Olgamaria appears in a Toyota Ricardo Perez TV Commercial.
– UnderDoll Shirts created by Chainz and Sponsored by Canvas Design.
– UnderDoll Yarelis Hostess for FreaX TV gaming event.
– UnderDolls and members appears in FreaX TV video.
– UnderDolls participate in Beso a Peso during the Apertura Anime 2009 event.
– is mentioned at Critica Libre’s Newspaper.
– UnderDolls Lisi and Elissa participate at the eS Game of Skate 2009 Event.
– UnderDolls appears in a special photosession with graffitti artist Insano.
– UnderDoll Pins are created.
– UnderDoll Yarelis participates in Miss Playa Blanca 2009.
– UnderDolls Catwalk in Rising Fashion Runway event.
– team up with for the ZombieWalk Flyer Session.

– created by Chainz Photography.

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